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An Interview with Christian Artist: Sarah Tena

Sit back with a cup of your favorite hot beverage, and join us for an interview with April’s featured Christian artist and¬†Modern Inspired Design shop owner, Sarah Tena. ¬†Sarah has taken time out of her busy schedule to design 5 inspired Christian printables, exclusively available through Pray the Lord Ministries!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
My name is Sarah and I’m a mixed-media artist. I have a BA in Graphic Design and Theater Art. I also went to Silversmith/Jewelry school.
I love to create and design…basically…EVERYTHING.

I’m Christian so, naturally, I wanted to design creations that would spread the Good News of the Gospel

What is your favorite artistic medium?
Hmmm… I’m a mixed media artist so hard to pick favorite…it depends on what I’m inspired to work with at the time. If I had to pick…Maybe, just a pen/marker and paper to draw ideas on. That is the most consistent thing I use.

When did you first start creating art in HIS name?
I have been coming up with ideas pretty much since after I was saved. So…about six years ago. Didn’t start selling/listing them until April 2012 in my Etsy Shop.

What drew you to it?
Good Question. It was just a STRONG desire I had for such a long time and would make designs on my spare time. Then, I prayed a lot about it and felt led to spend more
time on it.

How do you choose the scriptures for your art?
Most of the time they are scriptures that mean a lot to me personally. Whether they are ministering to me at that particular time or they capture my attention for some reason.

What is your favorite scripture? Why?
Matt. 6:33. Anyone who knows me knows that one. I post it everywhere!It’s pretty simple why it’s my favorite… it reminds me of what my focus
should be on at all times!

What is your greatest obstacle when creating, and how do you overcome it?
My greatest obstacle is time. So many ideas but soooo little time. I dont really overcome it… I just have learned to deal with the fact that life happens (aka. distractions arise) and I trust that I would be lead to do what is most important. I work on the ideas that keep repeating themselves or that I have a strong desire to create.

How much of your art is based on personal life experience? Can you give an example or two?
A lot of it! A lot of the scriptures and inspirations have a strong personal meaning. Usually, you can tell by my descriptions about what a particular piece means to me.
For Example, Nothing will be impossible with God Bible Pendant. The story is in the listing

Another Example is the Customized Birthday and Spiritual Birthday Printable. I consider my spiritual birthday even more special than my actual birthday. The day it all started… the day that my life would change and never be the same…

What do you picture in your target audience? To whom do you cater?
My target audience is a Christian who is in love with modern and minimalistic design.

What is your favorite piece?
My favorite changes… Right now… I would say…My Christian Cross Silhouette.
I made a Pendant from that design which I wear a lot. It reminds me of the love that Jesus had for all of us.

Do you have any personal heroes?
Other than Jesus, I would say my boyfriend. He points me closer to God and His encouragement and support means so much!

Download Sarah’s high quality, 8×10 Christian printables, absolutely free of charge:

The best way to start your dayPrintable I can do everything


Pray Dont Worry


God So Loved the World


Gods Plans Printable